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Puzzle Pod Cryptex

Do you love brain teaser puzzles and games or know someone who does? Have you ever wanted a cryptex - like the one from “The Da Vinci Code,” but something bigger that can hold larger items, and at a reasonable cost?

Puzzle Pod Cryptex is for you.
Your Next Gift Becomes An Adventure!

You can lock up a gift inside this cryptex, give it to a friend and send them off on a treasure hunt. The cryptex unlocking code can be set to any five letter word of your choice. They won’t be able to get to the gift inside the cryptex until they solve the clues you give them and break your code. This cryptex also has features on the bottom that allow it to be used as a coin and money bank. This is a really unique gift and if you like the money maze puzzle you'll love this.
This product is intended for indoor use only!

Vino Vault, wine cryptex
A brain teaser puzzle for wine bottles!


Puzzle Pod Cryptex
Brain Teaser Puzzle & Coin Bank

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